The Carbon Market

Spurred by the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, the global market for emission reductions has grown rapidly and the carbon market has become the fastest growing financial market in the world with its size estimated to be ~€121bn this year, while traded volumes soared by over 80 per cent year-on-year to 5 giga tonnes of carbon.

The rapid growth of the carbon market, combined with the increasing momentum towards regulation of greenhouse gas emissions in the Unite Kingdom, presents British companies and investors with myriad threats and opportunities. SiO2 was formed to enable these entities to win in the carbon market, capturing the maximum value possible from their domestic and international emission reduction efforts/investments. We enable our clients to view today's carbon footprint as a potential asset, rather than just a liability.

Technology Transfer

It's a global effort to mitigate our impacts to the environment and to deal with climate change. In an effort to promote sustainable development within developing countries that would allow for simultaneous economic growth and emissions cuts, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change included in its articles of development a section pertaining directly to international technology transfer. This was designed to promote the transfer of clean technology by industries within developed countries to developing countries.

With countries like China and India looking to continue economic growth and avoid environmental degradation in the process, the potential for certain sectors and companies to reach new markets and profit from climate change technology transfer is enormous. The worldwide investment in sustainable energy grew by almost 50% annually in recent years and a similar growth trajectory is projected for the upcoming years.

SiO2 is a strong advocate of technology transfer. With deep understanding and excellent networks in both European and Asian markets, we help clean technologies of all kinds to maximise their market potential on different continents.

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Market in China

Working with leading players in the environment & energy sector as well as local government authorities in China, we are constantly on the lookout for companies around the globe with leading environment and/or energy technologies. If you are such an organisation and is looking to expand in one of world's largest market, we are right here to help you.


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